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Game Over Thirty started with a simple premise:  the best games to fit into a busy schedule.  While you will certainly find a variety of articles, including reviews and industry analysis, GO30 is dedicated to those gamers who need to know what games they can fit into their busy schedule.  We put a strategic emphasis on quality over quantity.  Everything you see here is original analysis and opinion.  We do not “blogspam” or rehost content simply for clicks.

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Contributing Authors

     Joe (aka JoeThreeZero)

My parent bought me an NES in 1988.  It was the Action Set, to be specific.  Like every kid who got a Nintendo, I probably sunk an unhealthy amount of time into Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt.  I still remember standing a centimeter away from the TV while playing Duck Hunt.  I think my father told me “you’re gonna go blind” about 1500 times.  Well, I was hooked.  I loved gaming (and my parents loved the peace and quiet).  A couple years later they bought me a Game Boy.  Then a few after that I got the Super Nintendo.  You probably get the idea by this point.  In my twenties, I was able to game when and how I wanted.  I’ve dumped thousands of hours into shooters and raided multiple nights a week in World of Warcraft.   I’ve owned or played just about every major system to date.  That all changed at thirty (wife, kids, work, hobbies).  Nowadays I split most of my precious free time between PC gaming, Xbox One and the underachieving Wii U.  In “real life” I’m a senior technical project manager with an MBA.  When I’m not at work my family keeps me busy.  When not with my family, ice hockey keeps me busy.  When I finally have some free time, game on.

Email: joethreezero(at)gameoverthirty.com

     Joe (aka JBreeze)

Like the other Joe, I started on the NES (before they changed the blaster color to neon orange).  I grew up playing co-op games with my brother (Contra, etc.) and moved on to RPGs with the SNES and (namely) Chrono Trigger, which has stayed with me as a favorite game and genre in general.  I was on the Nintendo side during the decades of console wars, owning them all and stopping at the Wii….  Then I turned 30, had a kid, and found my gaming habits and needs changed (or needed to change) to accommodate real life. Today, my PC is my gaming source, with titles I can quickly pause or put down when life comes up.  Real life keeps me busy with my family and my work as an IT Director, and Steam keeps me busy with a ridiculous inventory of purchases that I haven’t even installed yet.

Email: JBreeze(at)gameoverthirty.com