Divinity Original Sin 2 GM Mode is Fantastic

By | 09/23/2017

The complete tabletop experience in the palm of your hand…or mouse.
I just finished a test run of the Divinity OS2 Game Master (GM) mode and so far it looks to be one of the best virtual tabletop toolkits available.  Our gaming group has only scratched the surface but I can say with confidence the potential for some amazing virtual “tabletopping” is certainly there.  (I did not use Divinity OS1’s GM/campaign mode since I didn’t play the game after the first chapter.)

The toolbox includes:

  • Map and story-boarding tools
  • Several environment maps including castles, caves, and outdoor areas
  • Complete NPC control including stats, skills, and items
  • Complete item/environment control
  • Custom dice rolls
  • Custom stats
  • On the fly item generation / rewards
  • Custom decision templates with group voting
  • GM sticky notes
  • Pause & peace mode

It might seem obvious but I was surprised to find the GM has complete control over every single detail in the environment, including character stats.  If it’s in the game, the GM can control it at any time.  This is especially helpful if the GM needs to tweak an encounter on the fly because of unexpected circumstances.

GM Mode

The GM has complete control over items and NPCs (and more).

The players who join the custom campaign (non GM participants, up to four) play the game in the “normal” manner but will experience some additional features not found in the single player mode (e.g. voting, dice rolls, and maps).

In my time testing the GM mode, I did find a couple oddities and bugs but they were few and far between.  The learning curve is about two hours to get the basics down.  After a few more hours anyone experienced in “gaming” should be able to set up a one or two map campaign.  Remember, just like the Divinity OS2 campaign, the players can do whatever they want and the GM might have to prepare for the unexpected!

If you are looking for a complete virtual tabletop generator, try the Divinity OS2 GM mode and see if it fits your needs.  Good luck!