The Efficient Gaming List

This is the ever growing list of games that meet our criteria of efficient gaming.  If a game is on this list, it means it offers a lot of value (fun, interesting, rewarding gameplay) for minimal time invested.  There is no specific ranking, only recommendations.  You won’t find an individual GO30 article for every game listed here but be assured that if the game is on this list, we have played it and it certainly qualifies.  If you don’t have a lot of spare time but still want to get some quality gaming into your daily/weekly routine, check them out.  The list will be archived at the end of a calendar year but will always be accessible through the volume number.

Volume 1

Star Wars The Old Republic
Dirt Rally
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
Grim Dawn
FTL (Faster Than Light)
Killing Floor 2
Diablo III
Starcraft 2
Doom (Modern)
Rocket League
Defense Grid 2
Forza 6
XCOM:EW (Mobile)
Battlefield 1

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