Action Audit: Looking Back on Battlefield V and the End of New Content

By | 04/23/2020

EA & DICE have announced the effective end of new content for Battlefield V. The last content update comes in June of 2020, with all follow-up updates being strictly focused on support & community games. This means that after approximately two years of content updates, BFV will move into “support mode”, reducing the overall financial allocation. I took to Twitter to write down my thoughts on BFV, and discuss why we are looking at the end of new content for a “live service” game only two years into its launch.

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The decision to end content updates for BFV ultimately comes down to the fact that new content doesn’t make financial sense, especially considering the opportunity cost. A new Battlefield game is on the horizon and it appears EA & DICE are ready to move on from Battlefield V, placing the financial focus on the next installment.

I enjoyed my time in BFV. Despite the mixed marketing, and odd design decisions, it was mechanically “solid”. I hope EA & DICE learn from it and those lessons are felt in the next Battlefield installment.