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Efficient Gaming #5 (Indie Edition)

It’s finally time for another edition of Efficient Gaming.  The efficient gaming list highlights video games (on most platforms) that should be rewarding for those that don’t have a lot of spare time to game.  We usually showcase games that are fairly modern and feature design elements that are compatible with short gaming sessions.  This time… Read More »

Efficient Gaming Spotlight: Killing Floor 2

I want to shoot complex zombies.  Regular zombies are so passé. Killing Floor 2 is a game about shooting zombies.  Yes, it’s another zombie game.  Yes, the market is flooded with zombie stuff.  Fortunately, the explosive action that accentuates Killing Floor 2’s excellent moment to moment gameplay, more than makes up for the fact that… Read More »

Efficient Gaming: Adult LAN Party Edition

The adult LAN party.  No, not that kind…the other kind. I had the pleasure of attending a LAN party over the weekend.  A good time was certainly had by all.  We almost have the formula perfected but getting to this point took some trial and error. Nothing says “I love gaming with friends” like packing… Read More »