Introducing – Concise Game Reviews

By | 06/12/2022
Concise Game Reviews

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at game reviews. If you follow this site, you know that I have used this domain to write out reviews in different formats (short, medium, long), but certainly text-based. While I’ve enjoyed writing those reviews, it always felt like I could serve my time better (and yours) by switching to an audio format. Thus, I am introducing Concise Game Reviews. CGR is my short-form podcast where I feature game reviews in three minutes or less (per episode). If you’re looking for two hour long video essays, you may want to try YouTube. The podcast does not change this webpage and my focus on the games business is not changing.

I also want to note that this podcast is branded under my alternative internet identification: RallyCarDelta. (The name was from my defunct YouTube channel where I was posting game clips.)

You can find all the relevant links below. I welcome feedback via my business email [joethreezero(at)] and of course, on my Twitter.

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I wanted to offer something to the greater game buying demographic that not only fit into my schedule, but fits into theirs as well. Each episode is very short (almost always under three minutes) and should fit into almost any listening preference (car, walk, office). Thanks for stopping by and checking it out!